Sep. 1st, 2013

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Dear Sir/Madam,

Your recent "Australia Needs Tony" front page put a perfect capper on a list of very classy comparisons of Kevin Rudd to cartoon characters, but it does make me wonder, why be shy? Any half-decent graphics designer could make a wonderful banner out of "The Unofficial Propaganda Arm Of The Coalition" or "Speaking Exclusively For Juggernaut-Style Corporations". Now there are some mottos! Either would certainly clear up any cognitive dissonance people suffer, when trying to reconcile any Daily Telegraph issue with the ideal of the press as an unbiased yardstick by which the public can separate reality from the advertisements and lies of interests far from their own.

After all, Australia as represented by her workers surely does not need Tony, in the same way that a fruiting tree does not need a hefty application of chainsaw. Australia as represented by her women certainly does not need Tony! Australia as represented by her gays and lesbians needs to be as far from Tony as possible. Australia as represented by her migrants needs to be PROTECTED from Tony. Australia as represented by her poor and her indigenous and her sick and her underprivileged and by everyone whose treatment marks the moral and proper judgement of a country is antithetical to ANY of Tony Abbott's beliefs or programs.

But as long as it's made clear that the official position of the Telegraph is that Australia is best represented by NewsCorp and no one else... well, then, cheers on an excellent series of covers. Cheers.

Much love,
- Patrick Phelan


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