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The Witch's House, a translated Japanese RPG Maker game.

Story warnings: plenty of violence, sickness, cruelty to children and animals, family badness (soe in the background)
Gameplay warnings: fond of traps you can't see coming (save OFTEN, NO THAT'S NOT OFTEN ENOUGH, there's a secret scene you get if you never save LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE SAVE MORE) and trial-and-error gameplay, a fair few JUMP SCARES. The thing is, I normally hate trial-and-error gameplay, and hate and resent jump scares... but I really liked this game. Well. "Liked". "Was terrified, horrified, and spiritually disgusted by". Which is what it was going for!

It's really good, or at least it hit me right.

If you think there's any chance you'll play it, don't look up spoilers. The hints on the page are all right, though, until you get to "after the true ending?" Seriously, I got interested in the game through spoilers, and... yeah.

Took me about three hours to play through. I think most of that was trying to deal with retrieving the piano score and the aftermath thereof, to be honest, as only about an hour of that was gameplay, and most of the puzzles were pretty OH WAIT MAYBE IT WAS THAT BIT IN THE DARKNESS, THAT WAS FUN.

...Seriously, play it if you like to horrify yourself. (Or to prove that I'm a wuss.)

Date: 2012-12-21 10:31 pm (UTC)
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These kinds of games like all kinds of horror games intrigue me but there's just no way. >0_o< No waaaay.

I like reading about them, though, which is the only reason why I know about Yume Nikki and Pokemon: Black (the one that kills you at the end).


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