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Siobhan is 9.

I didn't have any money, so I made her a poem.

* * *

Twenty Couplets On My Favourite Girl In The World,
And The Atrocities She Has (So Far) Failed To Perpetrate

I love my sister very much.
She has the nicest face.
And so far she has never once
Attacked me with a mace.

I love my sister very much.
She's smart and clever, too.
She thinks ahead and plans her plans
And knows what's six times two1.
She's far too sensible to try
And drown us in the loo.

I love my sister very much.
She's thoughtful and she's kind.
She calls support for those ahead,
And helps out those behind.
She cares for those who suffer.
It would never cross her mind,
To engineer a deadly plague
And render thousands blind.

I love my sister very much.
She's confident and bold.
(And well might she be cocksure
At a mighty nine years old!)
She'll enjoy any contest,
Even if she'll miss the gold.
She'll make a friend of anyone
And never leave them cold,
Or massacre a country
With a noxious fungal mould.

I love my sister very much.
And on this special day,
When she is all of nine years old
Well, all of us will say
That seeing her grow as herself
In her own unique way
Has made our hearts grow shining;
Turned skies to blue from grey.
She's wonderful and precious,
And I shall forever pray,
That she doesn't plan to melt the Earth,
With a lethal space-borne ray.
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