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So some of you may not have heard from me in years, and I haven't heard from some of you in years, so I want to make a post to announce two things:

1) I'm still alive, though not for want of trying. The last three weeks have been, depression-wise, the undisputed champion of the world; I felt about as bad as I ever really have. Had my first suicidal thoughts since high school, which was Fun. (Don't worry, they didn't last, I thought of Siobhan for two seconds and they ran away screaming.) I think I'm recovering, and though this isn't the first time I've thought that, I'm on my way a little. Any moment now I should be somewhere around one standard deviation below baseline, apart from, you know, twenty eight.
2) I haven't heard from some of you for some time, and those I have heard from, I haven't heard from for... well, the most recent is nearly two hours. So, please, use this post to check in and remind me that you're still alive and healthy. Or alive and sick. Or alive and miserable. Just as long as you're still around.
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The Witch's House, a translated Japanese RPG Maker game.

Story warnings: plenty of violence, sickness, cruelty to children and animals, family badness (soe in the background)
Gameplay warnings: fond of traps you can't see coming (save OFTEN, NO THAT'S NOT OFTEN ENOUGH, there's a secret scene you get if you never save LOOK IT UP ON YOUTUBE SAVE MORE) and trial-and-error gameplay, a fair few JUMP SCARES. The thing is, I normally hate trial-and-error gameplay, and hate and resent jump scares... but I really liked this game. Well. "Liked". "Was terrified, horrified, and spiritually disgusted by". Which is what it was going for!

It's really good, or at least it hit me right.

If you think there's any chance you'll play it, don't look up spoilers. The hints on the page are all right, though, until you get to "after the true ending?" Seriously, I got interested in the game through spoilers, and... yeah.

Took me about three hours to play through. I think most of that was trying to deal with retrieving the piano score and the aftermath thereof, to be honest, as only about an hour of that was gameplay, and most of the puzzles were pretty OH WAIT MAYBE IT WAS THAT BIT IN THE DARKNESS, THAT WAS FUN.

...Seriously, play it if you like to horrify yourself. (Or to prove that I'm a wuss.)
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I'm goin' pretty okay, up and down, but it's sometimes nice to have a pick-me-up.

holiday love meme 2012
my thread here

It's on LJ. Comment anonymously or non-anonymously as you please. Then make your own threads so that I can tell you why and how much I like you. (It's probably a lot.)
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Real Life Friend: I love that food.com is a website. A non-porn website, anyway.
me: GETTIN' RIGHT TO THE POINT. I want them to make .food, for cooking sites, so that food.com can mirror it at food.food.
RLF: That would be tautolocious.
me: food.food/gimmefood
RLF: I mean tautolicious.
me: To: food@food.food
RE: food
RLF: Monies for food?
me: They don't have food in Nigeria, man.
RLF: They only have military helicopters and drugs.
Also berets.
And a single gold-plated Hummer.
me: It's where they keep the drugs.
RLF: Also casual internet racism from privileged white jerks.
me: Who are way too happy to boil a whole country with a vast history and culture down to a few stereotypes, mostly from their own jerky, privileged email.
RLF: Wait, that wouldn't technically be in Nigeria, because they don't have internet.
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I made my own tortillas recently. They were the best thing. I can never go back to store bought tortillas now that I know what tortillas are actually supposed to taste like.

I think we all know that I write stories in order to be hugely famous and to acquire hordes of screaming fans. This is why I have written this story, based on a moderately obscure Sega Mega Drive(/Genesis) game, featuring an OC made by [personal profile] thebaconfat. I'll get the hang of Internet famous any moment now. (This was not written for Internet famous. It was written for fun, and love of the game, and for, naturally, Baco.) Spoilers for Shadowrun, though I honestly don't know how many, because it's all over the place game-canon-wise. IT'S A STYLE CHOICE.


Just Don't Look! Just Don't Look! )
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Okay so.

You know how I'm always trying to start online forum RP and it never gets anywhere and after a few weeks everyone gives up and I don't manage to corral the plot back in line and it falls by the wayside and I sigh heavily?

I've decided to do that again.

Short form: the system's a secret strongly based on the OGL d20 system used by D&D 3.5 and popularised by Pathfinder, but if that was just a meaningless mess of acronyms to you, we'll be doing everything slowly and with teaching moments, and the dice probably won't be too important – definitely not to start with, anyway. Theme-wise, it'd be fairly dark: all kinds of horror, particularly involving various blasphemy, but I hope not to really wallow in it, if you know what I mean. Closer to Hellraiser than Hostel, so to speak, and indeed with strong similarities. You'll start off in a very bad position, and bad things will likely happen to you, but it will be possible to "win", so to speak.

If there's interest, it'll be up at my experimental RPG forums, and we'll do character creation either there or over e-mail or other communication thing. If you are interested, at all, please comment on this post wherever you find it. As to the storyline, at least where it starts off, that'll be here after the cut.

* * *

This cut, right here. )
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(Trigger warning for sexual assault, but mostly, for people being massive shitheads about sexual assault.)

Typing an all-lowercase subject line that starts with "I" is very hard on an iPad.

Okay, so have we all heard about the judge in Arizona who responded to a woman who was groped by a cop by saying "well, you have to accept that sort of thing when you're going to a bar"? Have we all fumed? Have we all signed the petition saying that any judge who makes a statement like that from the bench has to accept that she won't be a judge any more? For those of us who haven't, I'll update my post to link said petition tomorrow.

I've already spoken about how the incredible ubiquity of blaming the victim of sexual assault is ridiculous and abhorrent, but it doesn't seem to have changed the world yet, so on I go again; if you'd give me a beat, Mr. Swift, I think I can improvise my modest proposal from here.

So, with all the wisdom and good judgement of several thousand years of law behind her, Judge Hatch has pointed out that if women are in bars, they will be sexually assaulted. Very well! But that sentence sounds passive, doesn't it? I mean, someone has to do the assaulting, right? And it can't be women; they're the ones being assaulted. So, if we write off those who don't fit the traditional gender binary - not because they don't matter, but simply because of the numbers necessary to make sure a woman has to take likely sexual assault into consideration if she wants to go relax and have a drink with friends - then we can look at it as "if women go to a bar, they have to expect sexual assault, because of men". That seems like a logical extension of the judge's statement to me.

Well, then, why punish the passive party? Assuming that women who go to bars have to expect sexual assault, because of men, I think the only sensible solution is to immediately and permanently ban all men from any premises with a liquor licence.

It seems a harsh step, I know. But it's like how chemotherapy is a harsh treatment, rendered necessary by horrible illness. If the only alternative is for women to surrender their rights if they walk through a door - if there is seriously no other way to prevent sexual assault in these premises, and it's inconceivable to properly punish the men involved, because they can't help it - well, what choice is that at all? No one fair minded and with an interest in justice would say that it's too cruel to cage the tiger, and that the tiger must be free to roam the streets and maul, because a tiger cannot help itself, and what were you thinking going near a tiger in the first place?

Particularly, a judge would surely never say that.

(Out of satire for a moment to clarify: if you go into a tiger cage you should expect to be mauled, yes. But the important point of my satire, the thrust, is this: men are not tigers. As a man who has never once sexually assaulted anyone, I find it offensive and condescending when people assume men simply can't help sexually assaulting anything in a short skirt. I, for one, have higher reasoning powers, and I demand to be given the responsibilities thereof.

On a different note, this is one of the many, many things I hate about patriarchy, and one of the things that impacts me. I would like to be able to freely and happily chat to women in the street. But I'm a six foot tall man who is hairy. As such, women are told by society every damn day that I will rape them if given half a chance, and they mustn't expect sympathy if I do, because it's obviously their own fault somehow. So I find it hard to justify saying "hey, nice shirt, I also like that hobby/web comic/tv show", because patriarchy demands that exchange be laden with fear and tension, and it's just not worth it, for me or her.)
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I do have a lot to say about things, but blank-page-terror is stopping me from writing anything, and even a journal post seems to trigger that. Boo. Everyone say, boo, blank-page-terror. Anyway, I posted this on Facebook to get to some people I wanted it to get to; now you get to see it too. You lucky, lucky bastards.

"While trying desperately to find a way to communicate this to Ministry of Game, I'll put this up here: I'm controlling my flibbertigibbet tendencies to play ALL THE RPGs by running slow-paced online forum versions of ALL THE RPGs (two, at most, at a time) at http://kadrinrpg.forumotion.com/. If you'd like to join up on an active game (of which there is currently one), feel free to ask. I will most likely say "yeah all right"."
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I do not promise they will be good edited images.

So, I recently saw an entry about the men's decathlon, and how Ashton Eaton - an athlete I've never heard of - has proven that this means I know NOTHIN' about athletics by setting a world record. This article's pretty impressive and interesting, not least because - as my sister recently researched - the holder of the decathlon world record is considered the World's Greatest Athlete. Especially with that in mind, I'm fascinated by how the other decathletes seemed to have the impression "Something special is going on here, and it's our job to help that special thing happen", rather than trying for personal glory. It's kind of impressive.

The article also contained the following photo: )
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You may or may not have heard that Kraft posted a picture of a rainbow-coloured Oreo on its Facebook page in support of gay rights, and good for Kraft, it's nice when a huge multinational corporation does not-evil. You may or may not have heard that this resulted in the usual subjects going absolutely insane, but if you didn't hear, you probably intuited, because they are very predictable. Either way, George Takei is awesome. Cuts like a knife there, too.

I saw a comment on his posting of this that said that the person (with the standard more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger concern troll tone) used to really like what Mr. Takei posted, but was unfollowing because there was too much gay rights stuff on his stream now.

Mr. Takei did not respond in text - it was one comment in a very fast-moving thread - but I can imagine his thoughts being something regarding whether or not said commenter should allow the impact of a door with his buttocks as he left.
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FIRST EVENT: It is Siobhan's birthday! She is eight. Can you remember when she was a tiny baby? I know I can. She is EIGHT and clever about stuff. Feel free to post congratulations in comments.

SECOND EVENT: We are, at time of writing, about fifteen hours off the Transit of Venus - when Venus will pass in front of the sun. It'll look like a tiny speck, and you can't even look at it if you don't have super-special eclipse glasses (which are completely sold out all over New South Wales), but it's important because:

a) astronomical events like this are cool,
b) the next one will be in 2117, when we will all, barring extreme scientific advances, be dead, and
c) the 1768 Transit of Venus pretty much directly led to the discovery of Australia by Captain Cook, which admittedly wasn't a great thing all around (ask an Aborigine if you can find one that white people haven't killed), but is still an important and historical part of our culture, so for us Australians it's kind of patriotic.

I hope this news has been enlightening for you!
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Okay, so apparently my Avenging Acid not working on the giant rats at the audition - even though I'd previously used it to instakill the dragon the Master Seeker sent me after - was just luck, and using the Fly spell to improve my power-position and slaughter the other candidates was a perfectly canonical way to continue the story. And I definitely buy the bit about being told that the other candidates have also been promised the Master Seeker position, earned a Seeker's Staff, learned Avenging Acid and slain a dragon as their test - that was an awesome twist, nearly drove my character mad. I've still got some questions, though, and if you've played through this story at another con, maybe you can help me with them.

  • Okay, obviously, we have to start with the epilogue. My epilogue was, I had an apartment in the city after the final duels, and the Master Seeker showed up to test me and, ostensibly, pass on the position. So we had the epilogue duel (I ended up creating and Dominating a dragon once Avenging Acid stopped doing the trick), he invited me behind the curtain of reality, we sat on the rug together, and then I'm talking to the game runners and being told that I very nearly won, but then I exploded. I wouldn't put it past the Master Seeker to be that kind of a jerk, but was there a way around it? Were the runners just jerking me around? I got this impression that maybe he'd pulled my mind into his body to replace/merge with his, and disposed of the leftovers, but is that just wishful thinking?
  • Speaking of the Master Seeker, I picked up a few assumptions: he was immortal, due to his position, and wanted a replacement because he was tired of life; his name was Medraut and all the candidates at the final level also took the name Medraut (which led me to an interesting kerfuffle when I sent my Dominated dragon to "hunt and kill Medraut", and since the Master Seeker had already gone behind the curtain of reality, the only Medraut he could find was... me, that was an interesting few combat rounds); he wasn't faking his irascible jerkiness to hide a heart of gold - the irascible jerk you saw was the irascible jerk you got - but he did have a certain fondness for every candidate who'd earned a Seeker's Staff, which wouldn't stop him murdering them in the epilogue duel if they didn't shape up. Is any of that false?
  • When I was going to what I thought was a duel against the false Seeker candidate, the Master Seeker said a few foreshadowy things to me. I can't remember most of them, but one of them was "remember how the next Master Seeker is chosen", or something like that. At that point I didn't know how the next Master Seeker was chosen. Was that a hint that everything wasn't as it seemed? (For the record, that was when you go to the movie theatre for the audition and the duel, and find out that twist I listed above: that there are a LOT of Seeker candidates, all with the same valid reasons to think they're the One Candidate as you have.) For that matter, is Avenging Acid the only ultimate spell the Seeker candidates get taught, or is it determined somehow which one you're gonna get? I never saw a candidate use anything but Avenging Acid, but I did kill them all pretty fast.
  • Was there ever really going to be a movie that the final Seeker candidates had to show up to be in, or was that just a lure to get them all in one place for the audition and, presumably, to fight it out?
  • On the sages' organisation - this one will probably be best answered by anyone who actually played the sages' story. Was the organisation really called Absolute Evil? Was it absolute evil? Why the all-concealing sentai-style armour? After I killed the Seeker who was working for the Sages, two Sages came in to get rid of his body (I hid in the lighting rig in the ceiling), and when one refused to take his Seeker's Staff, the other mocked him; she said "it's just as good as our best weapon, you just can't learn some stupid tricks from other sages to use with it". What's the Sages' final weapon? What are the tricks they learn with it? It seemed like the Sages didn't have a leader, was that true? Is there always a Seeker whose ulterior motive is working for the Sages, or was that just one of the players in my group? Do the Sages and the Seekers have a rivalry, or did it just look like that from the Seekers' end?
  • What were the other organisations' stories like? I mean, I only played as a Seeker, with a little overlap with the Sage story - I honestly can't remember what the other organisations were.
  • I was lucky enough to have an old friend from Adelaide who drove me from place to place. What happens if you don't have transport? Is something arranged, or are you out of luck?
  • Was the whole thing really based on a Stephen King story? I read somewhere that it was, and that the street-rat player Seeker character (the one I was) was his usual writing-himself moment, and that the bit about becoming the Seeker candidate and overcoming the Master Seeker was an analogy for his becoming famous and not liking it very much, but is that all bullshit? It kinda sounds like bullshit. It's really not a very Stephen Kingish story.

That's about all, really - any answers you've got would be appreciated, though I totally reserve the right to decide completely unilaterally that something you say isn't part of the canon story, just the way they play it in whatever crazy-ass cons you go to. Ha! Bow before my retconning power, Internet!

(No, this didn't really happen, it wasn't really a game, if you check the subject line again, it's just what happened in a dream I had last night. Still, if you want to say what happened when you totally played in it which you did because it's totally real, I'd be down for that.)
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Flipping through my Savage Worlds PDF, I skimmed past the index. My brain caught on one specific bit - where it told people when to shuffle the cards for the Initiative deck.

"Shuffling (when to)", it said.

"Every day," my brain replied, horrified. "Every day I'm shuffling."

God damn it, Internet.
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Soon after posting that thing about how my computer is repeatedly screwing up in ways that are hazardous to my ability to perform my job, my computer's power supply fan died.

Sometimes the dark gods aren't even SUBTLE.
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1: Congruity is so, so important. If you're making an arty and story-driven game, then you'll live or die on the feelings and emotions you conjure in your target audience. That means that a step out of place is much more dire than it would be for any other type of game. If your graphics, gameplay, and voice acting suggests a hilarious excursion with Bugs Bunny and your story and music are about impermanence and the value of holding on while you still can, it's going to bite you, hard. You can tell if the director of a movie is doing their job properly, and in cases like this, it feels like they aren't. You'll never get the best out of individual parts if they don't work towards a greater whole. It can work if you're doing a "sting in the tail" kind of story, but those are much, much trickier than straightforward ones.


(Yes, this was inspired by a specific game, but all in all, the specific game was pretty good. It was just the individual bits that made me headdesk, facepalm, and other image macros. Here is a game about music that escapes the problem by pretty much having no story at all, but being really pretty and enjoyable because you're listening to wonderful classical music. It's also a hidden object game.)
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It were my birthday, but I was on the road at the time, so I didn't mention it.

It are no longer my birthday, but I have stuff as a result.

I'm back with the family now. I got to hug my mum a few times. That was pretty cool, all things considered.
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I can practice the limerick art
But I sometimes won't end what I start.
I'll give the illusion
of reaching conclusion

i run rpgs

Dec. 23rd, 2011 10:35 pm
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"And so you always shall!"
"Thank you, Satan!"

Name that sketch for +1000 points. I'm looking at you, Baco.

First of all, happy/merry, folks, whatever kind of happy/merry you choose to be, for whatever kind of holiday you're celebrating or not celebrating. And if you choose to be neither happy nor merry, or find yourself neither happy nor merry, and don't appreciate others chivvying you to be happy or merry, well then, that's fine too. The happy/merry is optional.

Now. Two RPG things about Myth-Weavers.

1 - On The Marriage Of Prince Beech, I figure the party's done with interparty discussion and wants to move on, but is also held up by the holidays being a perverse amount of work. So early next year I intend to ship everyone directly to Glory Heights and pick it up from there. Is that okay with everyone?

2 - A while back I had an absolutely brilliant idea for a Pokemon RPG online, called "Pokemon: Salt and Stone". This was originally going to be an LJ RPG, and I was going to steal various icons. However, I have plotted out a very basic, very hands-off, rules-light d10 system for Pokemon battles - it came to me in a dream while I was walking down the street - and am now wondering if I'd like to run that on Myth-Weavers too. Does anyone have any interest in an RPG where you're basically Trainers doing the Pokemon League challenge thing (with its various sidequests and fighting Team Something-Or-Other that wants to do something bad), but there can also be a lot more human interaction? Also, you'll be able to snaffle various legendary Pokemon, so if you've always really wanted a Ho-Oh and never managed it... Anyway, if you're interested, or you know someone who's interested, put a comment, drop an e-mail, feel free to call me if you know my phone number (but my phone's really quiet these days it's perverse), and from that interest I'll gauge whether I can start it after the holidays or need to whip up more interest first.

Do I do anything besides write about RPGs these days? Of course! I also transcribe. And Siobhan was given "Mario and Sonic at the Olympic Games" by her school principal for a Christmas present (I don't know if it's because she's the daughter of staff or because, as said principal said, she's her favourite student), and I intend to get busy on that fairly soon.

Happy/merry again. Have a great time all the time until I see you next.
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Okay, so I just finished Something and sent it off to Someone, and now things are entirely in Someone's hands and we'll have to see what Someone does about it. I'm being vague, because I only want to talk about it a lot of it goes through, but, short form, AUGH PANIC!!!!! but mixed in with EEE HOPE and HUH VAGUELY HUNGRY.

But mostly AUGH PANIC!!!!

on pies

Dec. 6th, 2011 02:36 am
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Pinkie Pie's getting a bad reputation. Some spoilers up to Lesson Zero. )

* * *

Prompted by making cupcakes and being almost unable to find any images on Google of Pinkie Pie making cupcakes that weren't of Pinkie Pie "making" "Cupcakes". Though admittedly I had the idea before that and will probably have to finish it, if only because I'm madly in love with the idea of having two FBI ponies called Mirrorshades and Wire Tap who are perhaps less than officially qualified and who bear a striking resemblance to Pony David Duchovny and Pony Gillian Anderson.
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